Policy Council

Head Start Policy Council members have broad authority and review over both the policy goals and the day-to-day operations of Head Start centers, including the establishment of enrollment criteria, the hiring and termination of staff and budgeting.

The Policy Council is made up of parents and community representatives from all five counties we serve. Policy Council Representatives attend monthly meetings conducted by their Policy Council Chairperson and Head Start Executive Director. The council approves/disapproves various issues effecting Head Start.

At Policy Council Meetings, they:

  • Make decisions about the design and operation of Head Start
  • Become involved in planning and developing program goals
  • Help to make personnel and budget decisions
  • Participate in conducting a program self-assessment
  • Play a role in hiring Head Start staff
  • Approve budget and grants
  • Share information from meeting at Parent Meetings

It can be very rewarding for you to be involved in your child's preschool. Additionally, if you need a babysitter in order to attend the meetings, we will reimburse you for those costs, as well as mileage expense; if you have an infant, you are more than welcome to bring him/her with you.  If you would like more information, please don't hesitate to ask your Family Advocate!

We will elect new representatives at our first parent meeting in September, so let your Family Advocate know if you're interested.

CAPNEMO Policy Council Meetings are held the 4th Tuesday of every month at:

Central Office
215 N. Elson
Kirksville, MO